Executive Producer Scott Pitney
Director Brian Potter
Director of Photography Jeffery Fountain
Unit Production Manager Carlos Tovar
Writers Scott Pitney
Jeff Stolhand – Eps. 1-2
Bill Kelly – Eps. 3
Hannah Bunker – Eps. 4


Damon Rexroad “Bob”
Cory Hart “Cee”
Scott Pitney “Scott”
Erin Reed “Liz”
Werner Richmond “Hamilton”
Brian Treybig “Timmy” – Eps. 2
Evan King “Vlad” – Eps. 2
Brian Treybig “Timmy” – Eps. 2
Sean Patrick Judge “Chef Pierre” – Eps. 2
Linda Lundgren “Debra” – Eps. 2
Jenna Simmons “Sara” – Eps. 2
Max Burns “John the Vet” – Eps. 2
Javier Frutos “Pedro the bartender” – Eps. 2
Lorenz Lopez “TJ” – Eps. 3
Brittany Djie “Tiffany” – Eps. 3
Andrew Henczak “Marshal” – Eps. 3
Tracy Collins “Assistant 1” – Eps. 3
Mandy Wilburn “Assistant 2 – Eps. 3
Shina Stearns “Assistant 3 – Eps. 3
Danielle Potter “Caddy” – Eps. 3
Elaine Edstrom “Esther” – Eps. 4

Guest Starring

Tom Byrum As Himself – Eps. 1-3
Doug Pike As Himself


Casting Director Joe Grisaffi
Script Supervisor Julie Randolph
1st Assistant Director Alex Hernandez
Set P.A. Adrian Mauro
A Camera Operator Reggie Sadberry
B Camera Operator Anthony Fennell
A Camera A.C. Brian Aichlmayr
B Camera A.C. Kay Ennis
Grips Jeremy McLaughlin
Kenny Couch
G&E P.A. Dallas Box
Location Sound Mixer Brian Albritton
Wardrobe Supervisor Liz Tee
Hair & Make-Up Emily Morgul
Art Director Michelle Howe
Prop Designers Michelle Howe
Rico Schenck
Unit Stills Photography Eric Forsythe
Hostess Cindi Criegler


Music Recorded at Hound Dawg Studio by Dan Hassay
Post Audio Mixing / Foley Jason Page
Lead Guitar Anders Engstrom
Bass Gage Pitney
Drums Zach Pitney
Guitar Scott Pitney


Catering Provided By Sheila Fountain
The Original Taste of New Orleans Catering

Special Thanks

Willow Fork Country Club
Jerod Becton – Willow Fork General Manager
Mike Mansfield – Willow Fork Head Pro
Mary Wolf “Today’s Massage”